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Re: Where Can I Find A Banner Generator For My Website?
by athomason (Curate) on Jul 18, 2000 at 13:51 UTC
    Sorry, maddoc13, but since your question is barely related to Perl it's going to get knocked down. But being a newbie to the site you shouldn't be taken to task for not knowing the appropriate flavor of question. Anyway, a bunch of ad generators are available at FreeCode in the Online App section. Many are in Perl, some aren't. But in the future, please try to keep your questions Perl-centric.
      I have to disagree with you, athomason. I think it is the responsibility of a new user to lurk for a bit and get a feel for a place before expecting help. If you want something from someone, you should show some respect by reading about the site and/or observing for a while.

      But the reason I voted it down wasn't just the fact that it was completely offtopic, but because it looked like an advertisement. It's hard to tell if it really is, because there's nothing at that site (which makes me wonder why the URL was posted at all).

        Perhaps this has been brought up before, I don't remember. I'm beginning to think that perhaps unapproved nodes shouldn't show up in the Newest Nodes list. This node is still unapproved, and does not show up if one goes to the 'Seekers Of Perl Wisdom' page (unless you have the 'view unapproved nodes' enabled in your user settings).

        The issue I see is that most of the experienced monks rarely actually go to the named pages, but rather, work from the Newest Nodes page. This causes lots of voting and comments on articles that are unapproved.

        As an authorized user, I try to make it a point to go through the named pages and check to see if anything needs approving, or if it warrants being placed on the front page. Perhaps we need this level of control on the Newest Nodes page?

        Your thoughts, fellow monkular brothers and sisters?


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        I'm not saying it didn't deserve a downvote: I gave it one too, before replying. I too would hope (even expect) that new users would lurk for a while to get a feel for any discussion forum. I was primarily trying to fend off the flood of flames that was surely about to descend by politely pointing out the poster's mistake. And the inclusion of a useful reply (whatever the intention or ignorance of the poster) is surely better than a pure flame.
      Which brings us to another topic: Maybe online repositories and free script archives should be way up on the Site How To list? I guess that would keep these sorts of questions out a bit.

      (this thread should probably move to PMD)

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