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The issue I see is that most of the experienced monks rarely actually go to the named pages, but rather, work from the Newest Nodes page. This causes lots of voting and comments on articles that are unapproved.

As an authorized user, I try to make it a point to go through the named pages and check to see if anything needs approving, or if it warrants being placed on the front page. Perhaps we need this level of control on the Newest Nodes page?

I almost never go near the named pages (the only exception is that I have some nodelets turned on for the front page that aren't turned on anywhere else). I have moderated several posts, but to be honest since I never think about the "named pages" it usually slips my mind.

If there are going to be further restrictions placed on newest nodes with respect to unmoderated content, then perhps we could also get the option to show unmoderated root nodes in a different font (style or colour) to Monks with moderations ability. This would remind them that the node needs to be looked at from a moderation perspective.