Some time back, samurai asked if there were any options for incorporating a dash of Perlishness into Java, and at that time the answer was "no". Well with the passage of time that answer has changed, and I am pleased to announce the Perl Idioms for Java project over at Sourceforge.

So far we have implemented foreach, grep, join, map, pop, push, shift, split and unshift, a (very) rudimentary form of autovivication, and a class representing Perl's notion of truth. If only I could convey my glee at the realization that a java.lang.Boolean initialized to "false" is true according to Perl's semantics :^P

We haven't released any files officially, however the source code is available for your perusal under CVS here, and comments on implementation or theoretical points are most welcome. Enjoy!

"The dead do not recognize context" -- Kai, Lexx