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Agreed. There are lots of facts we need to consider. My original post was not focused on the speed thing, if you read it again, it is just one example, which was exggerated during the discussion/dispution.

I definitely agree that all what you mentioned are very important to a project: efficiency (I believe you mean the efficiency of development), robustness, maintainability and portability etc.

Let's narrow down the scope of our comparason, only talk about Java and perl. For all those what you mentioned, which I agreed, Java delivers them in a more graceful way.

Let's again narrow down to maintainability. I don't quite agree with you, that Perl code is (easy) maintainable, on the contrary, There are couple of big things really hurt Perl's maintainability:
  1. Perl's scope is getting better, but still very prime, and hacked (this is one thing I really hate about Perl, Perl has too much hacked pacthes and concepts, it almost become a daily routine in Perl, why don't they think in a systematic way??? largely because Perl is building on a poorly defined foundation!)
  2. Perl's OO is hacked, which hurts modulization that is a main contributor to maintainability in all modern languages.
  3. perl is not a stable language, it is still RADICALLY (don't read this sentence without this word) evolving, and many times, that is done by hacking. There is a delimer for Perl, because the original design of this language is flawed, you have to either radically modify it, or to keep it familiar but with lots of hacking.
  4. The so called perlish style does not agree with maintainability at all, hope we at least agree with each other on this.
I can go on and on, but back to the point, I don't agree that perl code is easily maintainable. That's not determined by Perl programmer's capability, it is really a built-in defect of Perl.

This made lots of people feel difficult to consider Perl seriously in a project.