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Sometimes it's amazing how simple things can really turn out to be. At Re^5: RFC: Class::Proxy::MethodChain I said
[H]ow I long for the beauty of saying something like
given(Gtk::FileDialog->new()) { .ok_button.label("Load"); .cancel_button.label("Exit"); .connect_signal(destroy => sub { ... }); # ... }
Then I went on to abuse map to almost get there. Well, guess what - I can emulate the exact same thing (modulo syntax) in three lines Perl 5 that could hardly be simpler:
sub for_obj( local $_ = shift; shift->(); $_; }
which lets me write
my $window = for_obj(Gtk::Window->new("toplevel"), sub { $_->signal_connect(delete => sub { Gtk->exit(0) }); $_->set_title("Test"); $_->border_width(15); $_->add(for_obj(Gtk::Button->new("Quit") ,sub { $_->signal_connect(clicked => sub { Gtk->exit(0) }); $_->show; }); $_->show; });

It can be that simple. Even the snippet at multiple method calls against the same object (f.ex GUI programming) is a dozen times more effort than necessary. (I added an update there pointing here.)

I really need to get a handle on my hubris..

Update: or simply

sub for_obj { $_[1]->() for $_[0]; $_[0] }

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