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dear monks,
i already had a lots of nice input thx to the chat, but the following piece of code is still not working.

the input is passed by an textearea from an user (browser), but the first regex eats all newlines, so there is nothing left for the second one.

i would want to have single linebreaks from the textearea to be turned out in <br> and double linebreaks in <\p><p>

use strict; use CGI; my $query = new CGI; my $text = cleanup_txt( $query->param( 'text' )); print ubb_txt( $text); sub cleanup_txt { my $str = $_[0]; return "" unless ( defined $str ); $str =~ s/[<>"'&|]//gs; } sub ubb_txt { my $txt = shift; return "" unless ( defined $txt); my ($nl) = $txt =~ m{(\cM?\cJ)}; $txt =~ s{$nl$nl}{</p><p>}gs if (defined $nl); $txt =~ s{$nl}{<br>}gs if (defined $nl); }

thx for helping out it's my first *real* post maksl