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I'm about to write a script to parse a log file and I'm looking for modules that implement a state machine. The log file in question is for a process that feeds user information from an MQ Series queue into an LDAP server. This process follows a well defined series of steps, with a few branches along the way (e.g. new record found -> user does not exist in LDAP -> adding user to LDAP -> adding extra user information to LDAP -> done). Because of this structure, I though a small state machine would be the best way of dealing with this log file.

Looking around, I found Bio::Tools::StateMachine::AbstractStateMachine, which seems like a good solution, and POE which, with a bit of imagination, can be used to do the job. Before I decide on either of these, however, I thought I'd ask around whether anyone has already done something like this or whether anyone knows of any other state machine modules.

Or, if you think an other way of doing this is better, I'd appreciate any input on that as well.