I've made myself a couple of Mozilla bookmarks with keywords that let me navigate the monastery as well as CPAN with very little hassle and thought I'd share. I've been using them for a while, and I can't imagine doing without these neat little helpers anymore.
<!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <TITLE>Keywords</TITLE> <H1>Keywords</H1> <DL><p> <DT><H3 ID="NC:BookmarksRoot#$e04aa1df">Keywords</H3> <DL><p> <DT><A HREF="" SHORTC +UTURL="pm">Perl Monks Search</A> <DT><A HREF=" +message=%s" SHORTCUTURL="pmc">Perl Monks Chat</A> <DT><A HREF=" +message=/msg+put_your_username_here+[id://%s]" SHORTCUTURL="pmb">Perl + Monks Bookmark</A> <DT><A HREF=" +uery=%s" SHORTCUTURL="cpan">CPAN Module query</A> <DT><A HREF=" +s" SHORTCUTURL="fm"></A> <DT><A HREF=" +=NO&fields=artist&fields=title&allcats=YES&grouping=cats&words=%s" SH +ORTCUTURL="fd"></A> <DT><A HREF="" SHORTC +UTURL="gw">Google Web</A> <DT><A HREF="" SH +ORTCUTURL="gi">Google Image</A> <DT><A HREF=" +p&q=%s" SHORTCUTURL="gd">Google Directory</A> <DT><A HREF="" SHORT +CUTURL="gn">Google News</A> <DT><A HREF="" SHO +RTCUTURL="gg">Google Groups</A> </DL><p> </DL><p>
To use, DL the code, save the file somewhere, search&replace "put_your_username_here" with your own username, go to Mozilla's bookmark manager and import it. You'll get a new folder "Keywords" in your bookmarks, and henceforth you'll have the following shortcuts available to type into the addressbar:
pm foo
Mnemonic for "Perl Monks". Go to node "foo". As always, you can also enter a node ID there. I usually "enter" the monastery by typing "pm 106" into my addressbar, bringing me to the Default Node.
pmc blah blah blah
Mnemonic for "Perl Monks Chat". You will utter "blah blah blah" onto the chatterbox. This is cool, though not very useful.
pmb 31415
Mnemonic for "Perl Monks Bookmark". This needs a node ID, which it turns into an [id://31415] style link to /msg to yourself. Intended to be used while browsing, deleting the usual prefix in the address bar and typing "pmb " in front of the node ID.
cpan Foo::Bar
Perform a CPAN module query for Foo::Bar.

As a freebie, you also get qw(gw gg gd gi gn) shortcuts for Google Web, Groups, Directory, Images and News searches, respectively, an fm shortcut for Freshmeat queries and an fd one for freedb searches.

Have fun!

Makeshifts last the longest.

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