in reply to perl/tk changing button commands

If you want to change the action of the button every time it is pressed, then you need to leave out the -command switch and bind the 'ButtonPress' action later. This will allow you to re-bind the action once you have pressed the button. Here's an example:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Tk; my $main = MainWindow->new; my $text = $main->Scrolled('Text', -width=>'50' )->pack; my $button = $main->Button(-text=>'next', )->pack; $button->bind('<ButtonPress>', \&one); MainLoop; sub one { my $talk="One! Click for two.\n"; $text -> insert('1.0',"$talk"); $button->bind('<ButtonPress>', \&two); } sub two { my $talk="One! Click for three.\n"; $text -> insert('1.0',"$talk"); $button->bind('<ButtonPress>', \&three); } sub three { my $talk="One! Click for one.\n"; $text -> delete('1.0', 'end'); $text -> insert('1.0',"$talk"); $button->bind('<ButtonPress>', \&one); }


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