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There will be. Oh yes, there will be.

Disclaimer: there will be 342 replies to this saying "yeah right" and "I'll believe it when I see it." Please ignore this non-believers, they know not the errors of their ways.

So on with the details. I have such a project that will be completed by September 1st, 2003. The engine for the site will be custom written (utilizing mod_python) and most likely released under the GPL. It will be substantially different from Perlmonks (there will be no "experience point" system, levels, or any of that related troll-attracting sillyness) while still implementing some of the better features such as the chat integration. The moderation system is a major component of the site, it'll be somewhere between slash and everything, more on this later. We haven't decided on a name yet (that will come much later" but the forum will definately not be called "PythonMonks." To do so would seem like a cheap ripoff and would imply an association with this site. Like I said, it will be fairly different.

A separate python archive site will also be launched on that date. This will be very similar to CPAN, as to be honest, CPAN's setup kicks ass on many levels. This will be very separate from the forum site though.

Now 4 months is a fair amount of time, and someone may very well finish a similar project by then. More power to them if they do, and I wish them the best of luck. However, the forum and archive (and a couple other extras) will be completed regardless. So take a careful look around on September 1st :)