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I just used a similar trick for a module I am going to release (hopefully) soon. To test it extensively I need a directory server handy, and a subtree in it to try a bunch of operations on it. Obviously I can't assume that the condition applies on every possible site the module will be installed in, so I put this code on the script headers:

use Test::More tests => 18 ; #18 my $fulltest = 18 ; my $shorttest = 2 ; BEGIN { use_ok('Net::LDAP::Simple') ; use_ok('Net::LDAP::Entry') ; } SKIP: { skip "doing local tests only",$fulltest-$shorttest unless $ENV{TEST_HOST} ; my $server = $ENV{TEST_HOST} || 'localhost' ; my $port = $ENV{TEST_PORT} || 389 ; my $base = $ENV{TEST_BASE} || 'ou=simple,o=test' ; my $binddn = $ENV{TEST_BINDDN} || 'cn=admin,o=test' ; my $bindpw = $ENV{TEST_BINDPW} || 'secret' ;

So, to run all the tests one should run them at least with something like TEST_HOST='' make test


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