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This is only the first version! I started to make this 2 days ago!

About installation package. Well, to use it you need to install a lot of Modules, including wxPerl, Wx::ActiveX, Pod::POM and Regexp::Common.

But the bigger problem is with the module Wx::ActiveX, that you need to compile it by your self, since you can't find PPM versions of it. And to compile you need to have wxPerl source compiled, and to Have wxPerl compile you need wxWindows (some about 15Mb)! And without tell that compile all of this on Win32 is sux, since you don't have a defalt gcc compiler, that you need to donwload. I'm just making the life easier for who want to use my tool.

Now I'm taking a look in wxMozilla (a new project), to avoid the use of Internet Explorer, and can have it on Linux. ;-P

The source?! Is only 2 files, pod2html.mod and But you have them in the package too! Take a look in the README.html, you will see that it still Open Source. And the part that convert POD to HTML I let it free from the GUI app, to the users can use it.

Graciliano M. P.
"The creativity is the expression of the liberty".

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by crenz (Priest) on May 02, 2003 at 10:39 UTC

    Sorry if I expressed myself in a mistakable way :). I didn't mean to criticise your tool -- I really like it and find it very useful. I just criticised your using an installer. You can distribute a Perl app along with compiled modules just fine using PAR or the older App::Packer (see e.g. my Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32, but I'm not sure whether App::Packer is still a good choice). Just put the whole directory in a ZIP file and ship that. I didn't take a look at your package, but I guess you did just that -- only instead of putting it into a ZIP file, you used an installer. This is the very small nit I am picking :). This is probably just a personal preference of mine -- I work on a number of different PCs and usually install only what is necessary, keeping small tools like yours on a central server so I can just run them from there.

    Also, I second PodMaster's suggestion to use a SplashScreen on Startup.

      No problem man, I understand what you said! ;-p

      I started to make the package with PAR, but doesn't work with wxPerl, even with some hack! ;-/ Than I just used HWXperl that I have here.

      But I'm working with the author of PAR to make some updates to it, and get some resources from my module LibZip, that I won't release, since I want to group it with PAR. (they have the same purpose).

      About the splash. I was so lame to make an image for now... (Note tha I'm the author of Wx::Perl::SplashFast, that you need to use on Win32 or the splash only come with the main frame). I will appreciate any images from the monks for POD-Browser. ;-P

      Graciliano M. P.
      "The creativity is the expression of the liberty".