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I have an array called @remaining and a string called $righteq. I want to store any functions that are not + and -signs into the array. Also, the function e^(t plus or minus a number), otherwise known as "e\^\(t[\+-](\d+\.?\d*|\.\d+)\)" is a special case. I want to detect such a special case, and store it into the array.
$righteq examples: +++-+++t^n+++f^n+e^(t-123.22) or t^n+--++-+f^n++e^(t-123.22)++ or +++++---+t^n+f^n+++e^(t-123.22)-
After processing $righteq, the array looks like this:
$remaining[0] is "t^n" $remaining[1] is "f^n" $remaining[2] is "e^(t-123.22)"

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