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Anonymous Monk,
This seems like what you want, but if not - say so and I will try something else:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; open (INPUT,"jobs.txt") or die "Unable to open input : $!"; open (OUTPUT,"jobs.txt") or die "Unable to open output : $!"; select OUTPUT; $\ = "\n"; while (<INPUT>) { chomp; my @fields = split /\t/; unless (@fields > 2) { print join "\t" , @fields; } else { my $firstfield = shift @fields; while (my $nextfield = shift @fields) { print $firstfield, "\t", $nextfield; } } } close INPUT; close OUTPUT;

Cheers - L~R

Update: Both vladb++ and pzbagel++ have simpler solutions than this. The only thing I would point out is you said tab delimited.