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I'd just like to clarify your question.What's the best way to learn additional programming languages? or What's the best way to get started with programming?

Having taught several people how to program and learning a multitude of languages on my own time, I feel that I speak from experience when I say that a programmer's mindset is unlike anything in the world. Including engineering, the natural sciences, even other fields of computer science. If you're asking the latter question, then my advice to you is as follows: Develop the mindset first!

Some of the things I would recommend against are:

If, however, you're interested in expanding your horizons and learning an additional programming language, then I would definitely use some of the items from the above list. Design a program you want to write. Pickup a book to use as a reference. Find a decent group of people you can ask questions (like us :). But most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF!

Good luck, young Jedi.

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