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I'd suggest jumping in -while- reading it the first time, don't wait until the third reading. Even so, you'll pick up things on the third reading you didn't quite get the first two times.

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Drinking from a full cup
by gryng (Hermit) on Aug 03, 2000 at 00:36 UTC
    Well, I guess it's a difference of opinion, but I would test my patience and read as much as I could before starting in on it. While it may not help your memory to have to simply absorb everything at once, I think it's more important to have a larger base and understanding of the language before trying to use it.

    How many times have you started in on a language (even now in perl) and had solved a problem long ago in some way (perhaps cleverly, perhaps copaciously) only to find in some reference text later, or on a site like the "correct" way to do it?

    I just think it would be better to fill your cup up before drinking from it, rather than to pour in a few drops, sip a few drops, repeat.

    (But respectfully noting your view)