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File::Find wasn't my friend in the past. Therefore i appreciate your interesting article. A few times i looked for possibility to work with File::Find as can be done with gnu-find regarding the maxdepth-feature.

The no_chdir-parameter seemed to me as a possible beginning for this.

But when i tested the concerning code-snipped in your article i couldn't recognize any difference between false or true no_chdir

# cat pf1 #! /usr/local/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use File::Find; my $dir = shift @ARGV; find({wanted => sub {print $File::Find::name,"\n" if -d}, no_chdir => 0}, "$dir"); print "\n"; find({wanted => sub {print $File::Find::name,"\n" if -d}, no_chdir => 1}, "$dir");
given directory da
# find da da da/s1 da/s1/f1 da/s1/f2 da/s2 da/s2/sx da/s2/sx/sa da/s2/sx/f4 da/s2/sx/f5 da/s2/sy da/s2/f3 da/s3 da/s3/sz da/s3/sz/f7 da/s3/sz/f8 da/s3/f6 da/s4
pf1' output
# ./pf1 ./da ./da ./da/s4 ./da/s3 ./da/s3/sz ./da/s2 ./da/s2/sy ./da/s2/sx ./da/s2/sx/sa ./da/s1 ./da ./da/s4 ./da/s3 ./da/s3/sz ./da/s2 ./da/s2/sy ./da/s2/sx ./da/s2/sx/sa ./da/s1
What's the problem ?

greetings, tos