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Probably this is obvious to all, but this is going about the wrong way round (not that you can help it, mind). The Right Way to Do It(tm) is to first write the test, then the code it's supposed to test. At least if you buy into the extreme programming philosophy and unit testing approach.

It's better to develop tests and code in that order since at the point you write the test, it's still a black box, and you're forced to think ahead of border and corner cases. In a way, the developer is more open-minded towards his own work before he's done it than afterwards.

Again, it doesn't apply to your particular situation, but it's something that might be worth keeping in mind for future projects. And yes, it's all in the books mentioneed above, but I like to stress it nevertheless ;-)

And again, yes, I do program that way and enjoy it a lot.

Just my 2 cents, -gjb-