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Fellow monks,

In the final chapter of his book Beginning Perl (my review of which is here), Simon Cozens writes the following:

"...the modules and programs in CPAN are worth reading as examples of Perl code. Look at how Perl programmers view problems and furthermore, how they solve them. Examine the way they structure their programs, and get familar with the idioms they use. The way to get really fluent in a language is to pick up on what the natives do and copy them."
Sounds great in theory, but with more than 4,000 modules on CPAN, where on earth does one start? Or, to put it another way, which modules would the monks recommend as examples of good coding that someone like myself, who just hacks Perl as a fun hobby but who is keen to improve his skills, can learn from? And are there any that are good examples of how not to do things? TIA, mooseboy