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Asim mentioned earlier the module win32::Dirsize, which copes well with the size problems one can often encounter (witness his use of bigint) in determining the size of remote directories. though he says it is slow, it is certainly faster than summing file sizes via file::find.

here is a scriptlet which demonstrates its use.

use Win32::DirSize; chomp(my $dir = shift || <DATA>); my @dirstats; push @dirstats,sprintf("%-40s%-10s%-10s%-10s\n", "Directory", "Size", "FileCount", "DirCount"); if (dir_size($dir, my $dirstat) == DS_RESULT_OK){ my $size = best_convert(my $unit, $dirstat->{HighSize}, $dirstat->{LowSize}); my $filecount = $dirstat->{FileCount}; my $dircount = $dirstat->{DirCount}; push @dirstats, sprintf("%-40s%-10s%-10s%-10s\n", $dir, sprintf("%8.4f", $size) . $unit, $filecount, $dircount); } push @dirstats, undef; map { print } grep { defined } @dirstats; __DATA__ \\save\farscape$\warez
which produces something like
Directory Size FileCount DirCount \\save\farscape$\warez 717.0521M 4435 999
hope that helps. yes, it uses map in a void context, but i cannot resist map's allure.


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