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Howdy. I'm building a wrapper module for the useful libwv MS Word document parser. When I finish and contribute it back to CPAN (it will be my first public module), one will be able to deal with Word files and almost all of their idiosyncrasies without resorting to a Windows machine (or an external process).

My question is, into what name space should I put this new class? I looked on CPAN for something appropriate; the closest currently existing top-level name space is Text, which would give us Text::Libwv for the whole module. I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate however, because it isn't really text until you pull the stuff out of it. One possibility is something like MSWord::Libwv; that's a good description of it, but creates a new top-level namespace, which might make the module harder to find.

Any thoughts? Have I missed a current top-level name that works well? Should I settle for Text? Am I justified in making up a new top-level name?