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Uhm, you may want to be careful with this. Google doesn't like user agents.

A while ago when a worked for a company we had a prototype running that used Google's web search capabilities. Since it was just a prototype, we didn't bother to contact Google about it until we were sure we'd start using it in production.

One morning I got to work, and my colleagues were complaining about the network: they couldn't reach Google, so apparently there was some wrong somewhere. I got a little worried and started running some tests and found out pretty soon that only Google was unreachable.

Yeah, right. They'd noticed that some automated user agents was submitting queries and had blocked that IP-address. Unfortunately all the company's internet traffic was routed via one and the same proxy, and its IP address was blacklisted.

I had to write a very humble letter to Google to request them to please take that address from their blacklist. Fortunately Google is not mission-critical for that company and I was backed by my boss who knew quite well what I was doing, but it earned me a certain reputation nevertheless ;-)

To return to the facts, I think you should have a look at their "terms of use" document, it clearly states that they don't like what your script is doing.

Best regards, -gjb-