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Hi Guys I am having problems with the simplest of things at the moment…

I am trying to map a drive to a remote share and I used the following code, which works fines, but how can capture the drive letter that the OS assigned, i.e the "I" letter as in the example below?
system 'net.exe use * \\\\server_1212\\d$'; Drive I: is now connected to \\ server_1212\d$. The command completed successfully.
And, instead of using net use command, is there something that is Perl native and faster that this command?... I have tried Lanman and NetResource, but they didn't work, when they did work (i.e. no error messages) I did not get a drive letter or an icon representation of the drive in "My Computer". I can't use File::Op because this requires downloading the library, and for which I don't have ftp access and even if I did have ftp access, ppm doesn't work for some reason (no matter how many times I have installed Perl and checked the path) every time I type ppm it chucks an error and with that my beloved message "Perl is not in your path"!?!? So I have to use something that is built into the Perl installation.

Many Thanks guys.