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You have an 8088 on the list? That's pretty much the worlds most obscure processor, and also the one that I learned assembler on. These VM thingies came as a real shock, I can tell you*.

The Apple ][e will always be my object of lust, rivalling the 486. I can remember going around to a friends place and playing Conan the Barbarian on his ][e. That was awesome compared to the best game I had (at the time, it was "Pitfall II", or the "Ancient Art of War").

I actually feel reassured by the choices presented in the poll. If there were five flavours of PDP, I'd feel young. If there were five flavours of Visual Basic, I'd feel old. But as the poll stands, it is "Not too heavy, not too light - just right." But you'd have to be Australian to get that reference.

* I'm being serious about the VM thingies. I had a big discussion (read argument) with a friend of my age about why you couldn't arbitrarily write to arbitrary memory addresses to affect arbitrary peripherals arbitrarily.

I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.