Hello fellow monks,

Today i saw a portugese post of code. This surprised me a bit. Didn't ever see a non-english commented/described piece of code here i think.

I understand there's no law against it. I do consider it a problem. I don't expect anyone to use perfect english (would exclude me for sure :-) but an reasonable understandable or at least trying to be understandable is the least i think.

I will put my statements here and hope you might support me on this or convince me why i see wrong (either would make me happy :-)

Posting in non-english is not good for the following reasons:

  • You will decrease the results on a topic in a search for solutions.
  • You will miss topics of interest.
  • You will miss usefull comments of people that dont speak your language.
  • You will divide the power of the perlmonks community into 'islands' of knowledge

    People could just as well post PHP-code with english comments, it's just as useful for me (might be even more useful).

    Ofcourse i don't want to make it a problem at the moment, because it's an incident. But it might be good to think about it.

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    A: He wanted to escape the match.