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What should I have done to get information on LWP::SIMPLE? At there are links to information on:

LWP The World-Wide Web library for Perl LWP::ConnCache Connection cache manager LWP::Debug debug routines for the libwww-perl library LWP::MediaTypes guess media type for a file or a URL LWP::MemberMixin Member access mixin class LWP::Protocol Base class for LWP protocols LWP::RobotUA A class for Web Robots LWP::UserAgent A WWW UserAgent class

The search tool at gave me a few links, but the one that seemed most related was, and that didn't contain the information that I wanted. I wanted to know the differences between the simple and full-featured LWP modules, specifically, whether the support for "transparent redirect handling" that's mentioned in the general LWP information at exists for LWP::SIMPLE. Someone told me that my script, which uses LWP::SIMPLE, was able to get the page it was redirected to, but I know my script couldn't get certain other pages that required a redirect. I wanted to know if I needed the full-functioning LWP for full redirect support.

I ended up searching google for "lwp::simple" redirects, and found, which gave me the answer: "LWP::Simple does not perform automatic redirects. You will need to use LWP::UserAgent and LWP::Request." I'd like to confirm this with the docs. Could someone tell me where to look?