Apologies if this post is a little off-topic; I'm hoping that people here will have a little more experience with this than me, and they'll let me pick their brains a little *grin* ...

I'm about to embark on a major project for my final year at University, which will ultimately involve the design and implementation of a web service, alongside a whole load of background work and reporting. The Uni recommend writing this service in Java, but use the phrase "suitable language", and as I'm much more comfortable working in Perl than in Java, it seems to make sense to use Perl, assuming I can sell the idea to my supervisor :)

This is a very new subject to me, and I've done a little research into things like SOAP and Perl's XML capabilities, but there seems to be little out there for someone relatively new to the whole concept, let alone someone that needs to write a convincing argument as to why Perl, rather than Java, is the way to go (and I'm not sure that it is atm).

Those monks who have written/worked on web services in Perl, what made you choose Perl over Java, or another language? Did you find Perl's strengths helped, or that its programming style and features hindered the development? Would you use Perl again for a similar project, or look to different languages?

Finally, can anyone recommend a book (or books) that covers Perl and/or web services? I'd very much like to do some in-depth background reading into the subject, and I'm not having much luck with the net atm :/

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

-- Foxcub