Fellows, I've wrote this meditation as an answer to the "Is a good place to find homework answers?" question at the Perl Monks FAQ. I would love to receive comments and considerations on this before I ask the Editors to place this and translate it to my mother tongue, brazilian portuguese. Please consider the article and drop me a note if you know something interesting about this matter.

Is a good place to find homework answers?

The proper answer to this question is no. You shouldn't post any homework question to hoping somebody will handle you an answer. This is cheating, and will not teach you perl, nor teach you whatever you're studying.
By the other hand, you can post questions about your homework, asking for deeper insight or explanation about constructs and dialects you find.

In other words: never, ever ask a Perl Monk to do your home work. Ask us about things that could help you doing it yourself. This will keep you receiving the needed information and keep the monks away from sin.

As stated here and here, most part of the monks here knows how to identify questions related to homework, and will normally refuse to answer them properly. This not means that they will not answer you. They just will not give you what you want.

As a last advice to the begginers and those willing to get easy answers to homework, please read this article.

Finally, to the fellow monks willing to answer homework questions, I advice you read this note.