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Hi, beloved members of the Order of St. Larry,

I'm coding this weird system with various servers that from time to time have to send each other messages, but since broadband (or 24/7 connections as such) are hard to get by here, and i'd really rather not go through all this "is the connection up? yes? cool! let's send something to the other server! oops! it's raining! the phonelines drop every 5 minutes, so let's re-send that thing a couple of times!" stuff, i was wondering whether it was feasible to use Jabber (via Net::Jabber, i'd presume) for this - abusing it's ability to send messages to offline users, delivering them when the connection comes up, to an extreme (maybe even for file-transfers).
My idea is that the central server is also a jabber-server, and all the 'sub-servers' are jabber-clients.
i'd also love to send servers command via jabber (like "hey, you! connect to server #5 NOW!", "hey you! what were today's sales?")
has anybody done this before? are there any things i have to watch out for? is this the Right Way To Do Things (tm)?

thanks for any ideas,

- schweini

P.S.: anyone know how to check whether an on-demand pppd conection is up without bringing it up if it isn't?