Description: Here's how to create a Windows shortcut, including some handy constants for building up a hotkey. Thanks to Foggy Bottoms for the starting point, I just enumerated the metakey codes through experimentation.

Amended: use constant
Amended: pick up USERPROFILE

use constant SHIFT => 0x0100;
use constant CTRL  => 0x0200;
use constant ALT   => 0x0400;

my $LINK=new Win32::Shortcut();
           '',                  # arguements
           'c:\',               # directory tto execute in
           'Perl Shortcut',     # description
           1,                   # window state (1 is normal)
           SHIFT+CTRL+ord('S'), # shorcut key
           '',                  # icon file eg win32.dll
           0);                  # icon number in file
my $shortfile = $ENV{USERPROFILE}.'\Start Menu\Programs\Acces
# run Explorer targetting the file just created
# system("Explorer /e,/select,$shortfile");