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G'Day. Seems I've lost my path to brain. Thought it was #!/usr/bin/brain -Tw

Dilemma ->
I'm querying a data base and I'm getting and expecting three rows of data. I'm trying to get the first row to be put in an array (@x). Then I want the second row in array y. And eventually I want the third row in array z.

$sth->execute() or die $sth->errstr; my $row = 0; while (my @result = $sth->fetchrow_array()) { last if $row++ >= 3; if ($row = 1){ @x = @result; } if ($row = 2){ @y = @result; } if ($row = 3){ @z = @result; } } print qq(@x<br><br>); print qq(@y<br><br>); print qq(@z<br><br>); $sth->finish();
If I put the print statement inside the while loop, each array prints all three rows. If I print outside the while loop, it prints only the last row for each array.

The complete return looks like this:
@result =
row 1 - data1
row 2 - data2
row 3 - data3

I need to get it to do this:
@x = row 1 - data1
@y = row 2 - data2
@z = row 3 - data3

Any suggestions and/or help would be most appreciated.