I wonder why there are two distinct 'reply' areas which apparently do the same thing.

I'm referring to 'Offer your reply' and 'Comment on'. Presumably there is/was a different purpose for the two areas but it's difficult for a lay person to see what that might be. The result I believe is confusing for people new to the site as the phrase 'Comment on' seems to imply (to me) that you wish to bring something to the attention of the 'powers that be' rather than 'reply' which, of course is self explanatory.

I wondered if there were other views/explanations on this and whether it might be worth changing 'Comment on' to 'Reply to' to clarify the issue. (This could be done at the same time as changing 'd/l code' to 'view code' to clarify that issue also (:)

While on the subject of 'reply', when I click 'reply' I would prefer to view the whole thread that has gone before rather than just the message that I am replying to. By this I mean that If I am replying to 'Re:Re:Blah Blooh' then above the reply box the Root Node and the reply 'Re:Blah Blooh' would both appear so that I can easily refer to them both in my reply. Currently if I need to do this I have to locate the root in a new window, which is quite time consuming.