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Hi all, when trying to run this code snippet:
my $str = join ('',my @temp = <>); while ($str =~ /^\#:lav\n(^(?!\#:eof\n).*\n)+/gm){ my ($val) = $&; print $val; }
I get different behavior depending on what system I run it on. It runs fine on FreeBSD (4.5) perl 5.6.0, but fails on Gentoo, Perl5.8. Also, the file being fed through the script has been encoded (using uuencode or mimencode or mpack.. I tried them all) and sent to an email recipient on the BSD box. Bascially I have a script on the BSD box I want to migrate to Gentoo. This script takes a text file from an email attachment (previously encoded to compensate for Windoze ^M) and processes it. But whe I try to run the script on the Gentoo box I get a seg. fault. I think the problem is in the encoding so this may not be the forum to ask this question. If so, I apologize in advance. Thank you. Vince