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Ok Petruchio. Now that its explained I am fully supportive of this idea. I have posted an updated patch addnewnoteform - (patch) for pmdev that extends it a touch to address the concerns raised by tye and myself and others, as well as adrianhs idea of two tags, one general and one user specific.

In my patch if the special div tags are included by the user in their sig then no modification is done at all. It doesnt add the tag to users without an automatic node signature/template, and it adds a brief explanatory comment telling the suprised user who has overlooked these threads what to do about it all :-). For instance I would see something like:

<!-- Signature Autowrap. Add the div tags verbatim yourself via User Settin +gs and they won't be added automatically, and this message will go away. --> <div class="pmsig"><div class="pmsig_108447"> <!-- demerphq's signature/node template --> </div></div>

Perhaps I should have explained in more detail in the comment, or even better when it is applied it should refer directly to a node/thread on the subject.

I will see what I can do to make it more consistantly provided, but this at least will avoid annoyance and surprise with regard to the new feature. (Which I dont think should be removed just because it isn't consistantly applied, its arguable that signatures should not be removable from top level posts and even if that argument is lost this is still a good first step I think.)


I've added a patch to addnewform in order to make it consistant with my other patch. I believe if both are applied we should have the .sig divs added consistantly and a user friendly way. Obviously this code represents duplication and in fact both pieces should be refactored out into a single routine, but I cant post a patch to do so. I hope this contribution absolves me from whatever irritation those involved feel towards me and my reaction. Cheers again.


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