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I received such excellent feedback the last time I posted here that I thought some of you gurus and 'budding' experts might be able to lend a hand again.

Here is the problem. I need a routine that validates a numeric number as a date, with some flexibility in the format presentation, ie yyyymmdd, yyyyddmm, mmddyyyy, etc. For example, 19971103 would return true, as would 11031997, but 19983201 would be false (there is no 32 day or month), as would 32011998. So, basically the routine must be flexible enought to accept a certain date format (numberically only), and figure out if it is a valid calendar date. It seems simple enough, but implementation of my own routine has resulted in a few headaches.

Does anyone know of a routine that would accomplish this. I've looked at a few on, but most are in string format. I'm dealing with numbers only, as in pin codes entered in a website for you might see where i need to go with this.

Thanks to anyone that can help!