(updated with some paraphrased answers, apologies for any misattributions)

Is there a way to preview an update?

Answer: editors can preview their updates, so perhaps someday but don't hold your breath (tye)

How should a wrong (or only 25% right) answer in Q&A be responded to? I see this done two ways: via reply and via a separate answer. The reply doesn't show up in the list of answers, so seems kind of pointless unless someone goes and edits the answer, and a separate answer doesn't visually tie to the error its correcting. If the error is repeated in more than one answer, it feels as if the correction is being out-voted.

Answer: two monks, three opinions

How can I see what writeups of mine have recent replies?

Answer:set user settings to notify your message inbox when a node you wrote gets a reply (davido)

I see "Perl documentation on this site is out dated". Is there any interest in updating it? Or is it a deprecated source of perl doc?

Answer: too much effort, link offsite (davido), teach them to use local docs for their particular perl version (tilly)