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Howdy brothers,

I have (what I think is) an interesting project. I want to take a chromosome, with its characteristic banding partners, and manipulate programmatically the colours of each band. I would *love* to do this rapidly enough to output via CGI, but I could do it statically if its slow. That part isn't critical.

Look at this picture to see an example of a chromosome map. I want to be able to dynamically find the bands and change their colours based on other criteria (while perhaps inserting a sharp dividing land between each band for clarity).

I have no clue what tools to start with to do this sort of thing in Perl. I have no idea how to segment the image. My instinct to avoid that problem is:

  1. Manually segment each picture into bands
  2. Re-colour bands separately
  3. Piece bands together with separating lines

Even that's beyond my skills, so I'm looking for guidance to modules (I'm stuck on Win32 btw), resources, or non-Perl tools to link into on this. Any advice very welcome.