Item Description: Implements W3C's Document Object Model

Review Synopsis: Good module but the standard interface is really ugly


XML::DOM is a Perl implementation of W3C's DOM Level 1.

It is one of the most widely used Perl XML modules. It is included in libxml-enno

XML::DOM adds some Perl specific features to the W3C recommendation.

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Personal notes

I don't like the DOM API at all! I think the model is clean but for some reason the interface is clunky and too verbose. It is extremely Java oriented, from the names of methods to the type of object they return.

That said XML::DOM is a robust module, widely used and well designed. Plus the DOM is generally well documented and some nice tutorials are available.

Warning: there are compatibility problems between various versions of XML::DOM and XML::Parser. The valid combinations are XML::Parser 2.30 + XML::DOM 1.33 and above or XML::Parser 2.30 + XML::DOM 1.29 (included in libxml-enno) or XML-Parser 2.27 (included in Activestate Perl on Windows) + XML::DOM 1.25 (the stand-alone version not included in libxml-enno).