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In my opinion Scratchpad has some limitations:

Using your brower bookmarks isn't a good solution, because it may be difficult to obtain a 'bookmarkable' address after you voted on a note.
So, I think coreolyn has some reason on his side, but I would ask for something different: a third link to something external and user defined that would receive the id of the node currently showed. This solution would provide a hook to implement your really personal way to set bookmarks.

Ciao, Valerio

update: fixed an error

update2: Coruscate is right, it is possible to access your own scratchpad parsing user info, but the canonical solution remains broken.
In the meanwhile, larsen informed me that there is a patch from belg4mit that would solve the href problem.

update3: clarification for tye: the canonical solution is to use displaytype=xml on a user node. In normal conditions, with scratchpad public, I see the content in the data section; otherwise it is not shown. Using displaytype=raw with node 108949 is not a good solution, because the page would be rendered, altering the original content.