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it cannot be accessed by programs if it is marked as 'not public', even if you provide your login and want to access your scratchpad.
it is possible to access your own scratchpad parsing user info, but the canonical solution remains broken.

I don't understand this. Perhaps you need to define "the canonical solution" for me because I can't find any solution that cares whether your own scratchpad is public or not (if you provide your login information or cookie).

I just used a program to access my scratchpad that I had marked as "not public". I did not use "edit user information". I simply pulled down the scratchpad page. It was as easy as:

perl -S GET ";user=tye;di +splaytype=raw;op=login;passwd=yeah,right"
where "displaytype=raw" is optional, you can replace "node=..." with "node_id=108949", and you can replace "op=login;passwd=..." with a cookie.

Perhaps you are hoping for "displaytype=xml" to work. It doesn't, even if your scratchpad is public. The solution for that is to split scratchpads out of the 'user' table (which solves several other problems and even reduces DB load).

What am I missing?

                - tye