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when one walk around in the monastery, looking for inspiration, adding things in the Personnal Nodelet||PN is so easy that it quickly get full. so from time time to time I reorganise these links, compacting titles of node this way: I put in user setting in the add zone the links of 3 or 4 lines of my PN with just one significant word
for example to manage my node I've got this in one line
<a HREF="/">me</a> <a HREF="/ +pe=edit&node_id=306473">stuff</a> <a HREF="/ +ings">settings</a> <a HREF="/">Pa +d</a> <a HREF="/">shortcuts?</a>
which look like me stuff settings Pad shortcuts?
try it with your hown node #
or another example
<a HREF="/">debug</a> <a HREF="/ +69927">Refs</a> <a HREF="/">POD</a> <a HREF="/">Cheat</a> <a HREF="/ +">OO</a> <a HREF="/">Pack</a>
which give a single line of helpfull links instead of six
debug Refs POD Cheat OO Pack
of course it's just nice looking, it keep the same amount of space in the database, but it is the begining of a classification.
just my 2 cents