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I've started learning CGI::Application with the new job I started, and I've gotten to a point where I'm stuck.

I know that the default templating module is HTML::Template. Even though I prefer Template::Toolkit for this sort of thing, using HTML::Template is a requirement I can't change. ( The company says it's "too complex,", "too powerful," and "too confusing for an end user when we want them to make changed to their HTML." ) I saw "BAH", but that's not the point.

Without hacking the source of CGI::Application, how do I pass HTML::Template options (specifically loop_context_vars) into an instance of CGI::Application so that it gets passed onto HTML::Template?

Normally I would just trial-and-error the code until it worked, but I'm replacing someone who went abroad to work and I've been dropped into the situation and need to get things done *superfast* because the owner of the company is trying to minimise the rampup time as much as possible. (A source of minor frustration because nothing is documented at this place.)