in reply to Perl in the "Microsoft Research Center"

I remember the first time Ive seen Perl in an MS environment. Back in 2000, it was the Enterprise Manager of SQL Server 7.0 and I was using it to export some tables to text format (or EXCEL I don't remember :). It was the plain old wizard style of MS and I was keep on hitting Next, Next and entering some parameters. The last screen contained an interesting tab page and when I clicked on it Ive seen that the program allowed me to do some detailed text manipulation as the data was being transferred. One way to do the manipulation was Visual Basic code the other way was... PerlScript they called it. It was nice to see db columns in Perl, you could insert your Perl functions, regexen, etc.

It is 2004, SQL Server 2000 and the PerlScript is here to stay ;-)

This is no research environment as you see, pure production :)