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Can anyone explain the difference between Mail::POP3Client and Net::POP3, why I'd use one or the other?
The only difference I see looking at them is the RFC #'s.

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RE: RE: Mail::POP3Client
by xjar (Pilgrim) on Sep 21, 2000 at 22:48 UTC
    Personally, in pemail, I chose Mail::POP3Client over Net::POP3 because Mail::POP3Client offered more methods for accessing the pop3 server, specifically the Head(MESSAGE_NUMBER), Body(MESSAGE_NUMBER), and HeadAndBody(MESSAGE_NUMBER [, PREVIEW_LINES]) methods. They allowed easy access to parts of the message that you wanted without necessarily grabbing the entire message. Other than that and a few very minor differences in setting up the server connection, they are very similar and I say use whichever you prefer as they essentially provide the same functionality. I just overall found Mail::POP3Client a bit easier to work with for a Perl neophyte. :)