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Alexander Jasper - Child Process Release Notes


  > perl -l -e 'print fork ? "Child process started!" \
  ?                        : "$0 ($$) " . localtime($^T)'
  Child process started!
  Alexander Jasper (60917) Sun Jan 11 6:27:00 2004


Long-time Perl programmers and members SimonM and Piglet are pleased to announce the release of their first child process.

Alexander Jasper was detached from his seedbed development environment on Sunday morning, January 11. Initial process size was 20 inches, massing 6 lbs 14 oz.

He will be deployed in the New York City area for general operations as well as ongoing upgrades and enhancements.


Zero day snapshot:


Guided by the principle of "release early, release often," this child process has been made public while still in an early beta state. Please note that the current functionality should not be considered to be fully representative of future versions of the product.

The user interface remains rudimentary, although this is expected to be upgraded some time next quarter. You may also observe significant resource consumption and poorly formatted output.


Future updates and additional snapshots will be posted to


Proud parents, M. Simon Cavalletto and E.J. Piglet Evans.

Source genome may be Copyright 2003 or 2004, subject to legal interpretation and future legislation.

Please do not redistribute our child. Derivative works may be available under a poetic license.