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Big ++.

I obviously agree very much. In fact, some of this stuff (like avoiding exploding @ARGV) are in my discussions of (in this thread and in its own thread, elsewhere). The nice thing about the way that -n or -p are actually processed (which is with while (<>) { ... }) is that they actually shift @ARGV. Thus, by tieing @ARGV and only exploding directory contents as they are fetched, you can do a highly efficient "perl -mr -ne ...".

I'm also a big fan of the glob thing... I even considered doing that automatically in, if $^0 =~ /MSWin32/. I decided, though, to fight one battle at a time.

Last of all, I totally love the idea of treating otherwise unrecognized switches as uses. ...Well, love the idea of it, and the cuteness... but of course, you run out of switches *real* fast, and actually, they're mostly already used up. Of course, if you want to get more into the perlrun mindset that gives us the -s option to perl, perhaps we would only activate this behavior with another special switch... or maybe a switch that leads a group of "external" switch modules... -X seems to be available. That would give you something like

perl -Xrg -ple '...' *
as a shorthand for
perl -Mr -Mg -ple '...' *
But, anyway... now I feel that I have clearly strayed off into hyperspace =D
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