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I got an email from IBM that began . . .

My response to these inquiries is always the same:

Greeting Earthlings!,

I am Zoogar, an extra-terrestial from a star system in another universe. A universe which has no copyright laws and only 2 dimensions. However it is etched onto a holographic surface and thus appears to have infinite dimensions (depending on how you squint at the holograph). But I digress...

I am on your planet to learn all that you know. Not very much, I agree, so my stay shouldn't take more than a few nanoseconds (in my system's timeframe).

To enhance my perception of you and your habitat I have found it necessary to temporarily assume control of a human. I chose as my vehicle, jacques, when I wrote that Perl module.

I am now using the Internet to absorb all your information. Please supply me with more facts. I find facts very yummy.


Funny that I never hear back from them again ...