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I have virtually no knowledge in Perl/CGI and am in some sort of trouble... I figured out it opened unix domain sockets, and that it is impossible to do that under win32.

There are ways to get around not having Unix domain sockets but if you don't know any Perl this will be a problem, because it is unlikely you will be able to do a simple search and replace. Although Perl was designed to be a cross platform language, the large variations between operating systems makes it very easy to prevent your script from working on multiple OSes. If the script was written for Unix or Unix like systems only, chances are a good chunk of the code needs to be rewritten to take into account NT 4's foibles. This may include more then changing the mode of Interprocess communication to use something other then Unix domain sockets (Hint: try TCP/IP, which should work under Windows because it is cross platform)

So, the best suggestion I have for you is either find an Open Source project that does what you want to do and supports Windows, or hire a programmer to convert your script to work on NT for you.

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