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I am writing a little script to move all files from one directory to another, and delete the files from the original directory. This is what I have so far,
my $Error_Path = "\\\\server\\share\\new_error\\"; my $EAI_Error_Path = "\\\\server\\share\\old_error\\"; my $file; opendir DIR, $EAI_Error_Path; my @file = grep {$_ ne '.' && $_ ne '..'} readdir DIR; closedir DIR; foreach $file (@file){ $cmd = "copy \"".$EAI_Error_Path.$file[$i]."\" \"". $Error_Path.$f +ile[$i]."\""; system ($cmd) or die "?"; unlink $EAI_Error_Path.$file; $i++; } close MYFILE;
My question is, how do I check if the system command was succesful? Or, I only want to delete the file if it's been copied... Thanks monks.