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I find such attempts to be very annoying anyway, so I don't consider this a big hurdle. Even Code Complete notes how evil such practices are.

Ive read what code complete has to say on this, and I wont argue against the view this is bad. But personally I find that I use such reorganization as a comfortable place to do something mindless with the code while meditating on the code. Ive noticed that when i am very clear on what I want to do and what the code already does I dont bother with such things, but when the code is new, or the ideas fresh I spend endless amounts of time realigning things. And I dont consider it time wasted.

Out of curiousity does your dislike of this stems from writing code such that it does line up or from reading code which already does? I ask partially because most of my patches here have some form of internal vertical alignment in them, and I wonder if it really puts you off so much?


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